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From Design to realization of Venetian Terrazzo floors


The Venetian Terrazzo is an ancient art that considers the floor as a canvas, a supporte to create precious designs with multiple shades of marble, details in gilded or silvered glass and "madreperla" inlays.

The careful study of the environments, of the brightness and the future arrangement of the furnishing are fundamental importance elements to achieve a pleasant and appropriate aesthetic result.

Danilo Ballaustra Company proposes a careful design of Venetian Terrazzo floors and taking into account the requests ot both the professional and the client, satisfies the most particular needs with marbles and materials chosen according to the rules of the art.

The realization


The realization of valuable works in Venetian Terrazzo is achieved only by having highly qualified and trained personnel with many years of experience. All our staff is in compliance with accident prevention and safety regulations at wok.

The company Danilo Ballaustra, directly involving its production staff, was able to innovate the techniques for the realization of floors, coverings and accessories in Venetian Terrazzo, proposing to customers the new lines DB TECK, DB PRECAST and DB PRECAST LIGHT.


The Restoration


The history of the Venetian Terrazzo unfolds and has been articulated for hundreds of years, giving almost eternal life even to the most dated floors. 

Obviously, these precious and ancient masterpieces need adequate care according to the wear and the marks left by inexorable passage of time.

Danilo Ballaustra Company pay particular attention to the restoration of old Terrazzi and usually collaborates with Institutes of Superintendence and Fine Arts.

Mr. Ballaustra submits appropriate technical reports that allow:

-to deepen the state of conservation of the floor, to establish the type and technique of restoration to be applied;

-estimate the age of the pavement to identify the old materials of which it is composed, then being able to choose the most appropriate contemporary marbles for the operation.

Each restoration must be treated in a specific way, each material must be chosen with extreme care and every intervention must be taken care of down to the smallest detail to achieve a perfect realization.



The maintenance and after sale


For several years, Danilo Ballaustra has perfected an after-sales service, designed to safeguard the maintenance of Venetian Terrazzo floors over time. At discretion of the customer, we are able to provide both a routine maintenance service, for recently carried out modern realizations, and extraordinary maintenance for antique Terrazzo floors. 

From time to time, it is suggested to the client which type of  intervetion is more appropriate to perform in order to restore the floor to its original brightness. 


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