Pastellone of DB Traditional Collection

In  DB Traditional line, the Pastellone consists of two layers:

- the first subfloor with coarse river sand and 325 reinforced concrete with electro welded mesh for a thickness of 4/5 cm;

- the second made from a mixture consisting of a bland of powder, marble grit and cocciopesto or bricks recovered from demolition of old houses. Sowing can be various colours and sizes depending on the sample chosen by the customer.

This second layer corresponds to the "coperta" or "floor covering" of the original Pastellone executed in lime.

The total thickness necessary for the realization of Pastellone floor is 6/7 cm.

In the next phase, it is repeatedly beaten and rolled to compact and level it. After about 30 days of maturation, sanding, grouting and polishing are performed. When the floor is completely dry, a treatment with linseed oil or wax depending on the colour of the floor is provided upon request. 

The Pastellone of  DB Teck Collection


The Pastellon made in DB Teck Collection offers a mixture without seeding that adapts both to the covering of an existing florr and to the construction of a new one, where there are problems of thickness. It is possible to work with a minimum thickness of about 1 CM and all the typical workings of traditional Terrazzo can be carried out including sanding and polishing. The customer can choose Pastellone shade in compliance with the fundamental characteristic, typical of the small seeding, which makes it homogeneous and single-coloured. It finds application on any surface and is able to adapt to any requirement in the various sectors: industrial, commercial and residential.





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