Pastellone from the DB Traditional line


In the DB Traditional line, Il Pastellone is made up of two layers: the first one is made up of a mixture of slaked lime, large scrap bricks and various inert materials, levelled, beaten and rolled to waste; the second one is made up of a mixture of slaked lime, ground terracotta and, to a lesser extent, other inert materials such as river gravel and marble breaches. This second layer corresponds to the original Terrazzo alla Veneziana blanket made of lime which, in the case of Pastellone, does not receive the final layer of stabilisation nor the sowing of marble granules and pebbles.


In the next step, the floor is beaten and rolled as waste, once seasoned it is mixed with a paste of fat lime and pulverized terracotta, spread by several hands with the kaolin on the moistened surface of the deck. Once the surface is completely dry, it is lightly sanded with sandpaper to remove the surface smears caused by the kneading. Finally, the oil treatment is carried out by generously spreading the batter with cooked linseed oil to be rubbed with jute sheets to remove any residue left on the surface.



The Pastellone of the DB Teck line



The Pastellone floor realized with the DB Teck line uses a mixture without sowing that adapts itself both to the covering of an existing floor and to the realization of a new one, where there are problems of space. The thickness of about 1 CM, allows all the typical processes of the traditional Terrace and is finished with sanding and polishing. It can be requested in various shades but it has the characteristic of being homogeneous and mono dyed. It can be applied to any surface and is able to adapt to any need in the different sectors: industrial, commercial and residential.






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