The Venetian Terrazzo is chosen for its great versatility.                                                   Danilo Ballaustra offers  the ideal solution to your needs through 

              the various processing tecniques expressed in its collections.


DB Traditional


The technique handed down by Terrazzieri Teachers over the centuries, is proposed by Danilo Ballaustra Company with planning and personalised production that combine the tradition of antique with modern creativity, using materials carefully chosen for every project.


DB Precast


The new "concept" that allows Danilo Ballaustra Company to extend the interpretation of Venetian Terrazzo outside its production logic and normal use. It is expressed with the creation of precast and customized materials, suitable for projects that range over the classic floor.




The primary goal of restoration on Venetian Terrazzo floors is to bring back to the original beauty artefacts that have deteriorated and been consumed over the years. Mr. Danilo Ballaustra has the technical knowledge, experience and ability to recognize the right materials and is able to use the most suitable methods to preserve the ancient masterpieces preserved from history.


DB Teck


To overcome the problems of weight, thickness and timing of the classic Terrazzo with cement binders, Danilo Ballaustra Company propose you the new Teck Terrazzo. Thanks to special Natural Resins, carefully selected and tested, is possible to realize floors and accessories with few centimetres thick. The Teak Terrazzo is faster in drying phase and therefore also reduces construction time on worksite.


DB Precast Customized


Taking up the " concept" of DB Precast collection, we create at our headquarters any floor, wall covering and furnishing accessory in Venetian Terrazzo, as if itwere done on site. Suitably cut to size and trasnported, we are able to reassemble and finished it directly at the worksite, with the advantage of a considerable saving in installation time.




Pastellone is a "battuto" older than Venetian Terrazzo and used to adorn Venetian dwellings since 14th century.  Today Danilo Ballaustra proposes it keeping the bright colors, both in the classic version with DB Traditional Collection and in the modern version with the low thickness DB Teck collection.






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