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In the production of the antique Venetian Terrazzo floors, binders such as clay and lime were used. Later they were replaced by cement, which is still part of the basic preparation of all the floors of our "DB TRADITIONAL" and "DB PRECAST" collections. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to proceed with the realization of a Traditional Terrazzo with a cement binder, due to particular construction site needs such as weight, thickness and technical construction times.

Thanks to the constant research and development work, Danilo Ballaustra has succeeded in replacing the cement binder with special natural water-based resins which due to physical and mechanical characteristics, such as expansion and resistance, allow us to present the new collection: “DB TECK ".

After a long and careful selection of the market, we have chosen the most suitable partners for our needs, technically advanced and particularly attentive to health. The ever-growing collaboration between our companies aims to improve the performance of Natural Resins applied to Terrazzo realizations, such as innovation and synthesis of quality and technology. The Natural Resins that we have chosen to use with water-base formulation have a low environmental impact to protect our workers who use them and the customers who request them for their home.

In this way, we found a perfect balance:

- to meet the needs of particular realizations to be performed on seasoned screeds;

- to avoid weight problems, allowing us to lay directly on wooden floors;

- to overcome problems of thickness, avoiding the demolition of old flooring;

- to reduce processing times, an increasingly frequent need especially in the retail world. 






Floor with 2 cm thick made on wooden planks without screed
Floor with 2 cm thick made on wooden planks without screed



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