DB Precast line -  New "Concept" of the Venetian Terrace


Danilo Ballaustra, thanks to the constant commitment of its owner, has always been an avant-garde and dynamic company that proves to be in step with the times, extending the interpretation of the Terrace to the Venetian outside of its logic of production and normal use. The need to accommodate some special requests, in fact, arises the need to create prefabricated materials identified in the new concept of the Terrazzo Precast.


The Terrazzo alla Veneziana floor has always stood out for its elegance and the infinite possibility of creating friezes, decorations and colours that can be adapted to any type of setting, as well as for the practicality of maintenance and cleaning. Following new techniques of prefabrication, Danilo Ballaustra, with the DB Precast line, succeeds in upsetting the classic realizations of the Terrazzo alla Veneziana "on the floor", creating elaborate works on vertical elements (walls) and on the ceiling like:


  • Coverings glued to masonry supports;
  • Solid structural elements such as portals;
  • Steps for stairs;
  • Partition walls also of considerable dimensions;
  • Ceiling panels. 


The advantage of being able to use structural elements of the "DB Precast" line, produced in Danilo Ballaustra's laboratories and ready for installation, significantly reduces the work processes on site, optimizes the use of personnel and reduces the number of days of travel for installation, reflecting the benefits on production costs.


In fact, the use of the Precast is very advantageous and important in the retail world, where the time required for the construction and finishing of the premises must be as short as possible. A floor laid using panels in Terrazzo Precast requires about 30% less time than that required for the same construction on site. By avoiding the normal maturation times of the traditional Venetian Terrace, the periods of closure of the activities for the renewal or renovation of the premises can be limited. 


Another advantage of the Precast is that it can be built all over the world, thus involving foreign markets, thanks to the possibility of handling simple panels already prefabricated, optimizing the space otherwise necessary to be able to transport bulk materials to the site. 


Important fashion houses, such as Valentino Fashion Group, Bottega Veneta, Diesel, and other brands, have adopted this material as an identifying and qualifying sign of their Ateliers. Each Maison, supported by important architects, has patented and interpreted its own specific line of Terrazzo alla Veneziana, thus making their boutiques unique in the world.



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