Methods of intervention for restoration

In order to restore the ancient Venetian-style terraces, Danilo Ballaustra has adopted a method of intervention consisting essentially of three steps:

  • Cleaning and evaluation of the state of conservation of the floor to be recovered;
  • In-depth study and research of the materials that constitute it and evaluation of appropriate methods of intervention;
  • Restoration of the degraded parts of the Terrazzo alla Veneziana, through the execution of patches or by grouting

The first phase of the restoration consists of lightly sanding the floor so as to clean it of various types of incrustations or grouts previously carried out. In order to obtain an excellent result, it is essential to be able to recognize the historical period of the floor and the original nature of the binders and materials constituting that particular type of Venetian Terrace that is being analyzed. In this way, it is possible to evaluate precisely not only the general conditions of the flooring but above all the marbles to be used and the extent of the degraded parts in order to be able to choose the most appropriate type of intervention.

Danilo Ballaustra may consider performing a patch when the damaged part of the floor is so large that it cannot be restored by simple grouting.

To make a patch, it is first necessary to remove the degraded portions of the floor, place a subfloor on which a layer of blanket of the same colour as the original floor is laid and then proceed with the sowing of carefully selected marbles. After having allowed the patches and grouts to cure properly, proceed with sanding, grouting and polishing until the floor surface is as smooth as it was originally. Then the treatment with raw linseed oil is carried out, in one or more coats, according to the needs; to give a further polishing, a new coat of wax is applied, which must be repeated occasionally over time.




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